Community Music Fund

Community Music =  local musicians sharing their talents with the people who live in and around South Haven.   Everyone is welcome.

Fund = money for local musicians sharing their talents with the people who live in and around South Haven.

Where does the money come from?

Donations from the community that appreciates and supports our local music culture.   Grant funding from organizations and foundations that want to see our music community flourish.

How much money?

We don’t have a lot, but some money is a way of telling musicians we want to support you, we appreciate your dedication and the hard work it takes to be a musician.  It says we appreciate the performance and the inspiration, creativity, warm feelings, it may have provided for the audience and to keep going!

Why not charge money for performances instead?

We want to make music more accessible for everyone.   And not every opportunity is truly a performance, but part of a larger event and not all events include musician’s fees in their budget.

How does a musician become part of the this project?  

Just contact Foundry Hall, let us know what you do or what you’d like to do and we’ll see what we can make happen.  We are contacted frequently about opportunities in the community and we reach out to our list of associated musicians.  So get on the list!

Does it cost anything to be part of the list?



Yes.  We want our program to be accessible to all musicians.  Even if you’re just starting out and would like to meet some other musicians give us a shout and we’ll try to help connect you.  We’re not a booking agency, we’re you’re friendly neighborhood community music organization.


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