Concert booking

Community concert making beginning December 2017!

Are you a musician looking for a place to play?  Are you a friend of a musician helping them find a place to play?  Are you an audience member that would like to have a favorite musician of yours play in the area?  This is the place to get the ball rolling.  Foundry Hall is an all volunteer organization and needs help on the concert presentation front. 

(note: this is not for the Riverfront Concert Series, Rhythm on the River or the Jazz Festival.  Those are scheduled separately and by committee.  To make suggestions to any of those three or to find out more about the committee process, please email

Step 1:  Check the home page calendar…we try spread concerts out in a thoughtful way.  All confirmed concerts are on the homepage.   We are working on a page for a request queue which also be worth checking as well.    We try not to compete with other non-profit events happening in the area so being aware of what is planned on and around the dates is a good idea.  The South Haven Cultural Calendar is a really good reference for those events.  (sometimes it works out to coordinate a concert with them, tho).

Step 2:  Figure out the best venue.  This has a few implications.  The musician(s) sound production needs are important.  The day of the week can matter (i.e. the River Bottom downstairs at the BRT is not available on Saturday nights due to their weekly comedy night).  Our current list of locations can be found here.

Step 3:  Submit the concert proposal through this form.  Please include as much information as possible.  This will make it easier for the following promotional things to happen:  update of Foundry Hall website, facebook event created on Foundry Hall page, event created for the South Haven Cultural Calendar, email newsletter and press releases.  Also, it will be included in the event description on our soon to be completed concert request queue and others may want to help make it happen, too.

We will contact you to confirm your request was received and will follow up with any questions and/or suggestions.  We will also send you links to the website, facebook events etc, so that you can confirm details and help spread the word.

There will be a link here to the request queue.  You can comment on the requests, offer to help, etc.



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