South Haven Area Mural Project 

Who We Are

South Haven Area Mural Project (Sh-amp) is a new non-profit satellite branch of Foundry Hall. We are an artist collective working with local business owners and residents who want to participate in a South Haven beautification initiative. We believe that the often overlooked areas – parking lots and side streets – offer a great opportunity for collaborative public art projects. The murals we create will catch the eye of visitors, offer locals a more pleasing environment, and encourage public interaction with art. Sh-amp is dedicated to using self-expression as a tool for positive social change, and our work is impossible without donations and grants.
Please consider making a tax deductible contribution today to ensure that our
project continues.

Our Mission
Our mission is to enrich our environment while nourishing creativity though large- scale murals. These paintings will inspire the viewer, form community, challenge perception while beautifying our neighborhood.

Our Vision
This project will promote South Haven and the surrounding area as being at the heart of Michigan’s “art coast” and generate more interest in visiting our
community while supporting the local art community.

Our Values
We believe in expression, collaboration, community and education.

Thanks to collaborations with businesses and the generous donation of paint from Lakeshore Paint, our current projects for 2017 include the exterior wall of Rock ‘n’ Road Cycle, the exterior basement wall of Black River Tavern, the interior of South Haven Ice Rink.

We are currently planning the projects for 2018. If you have a wall that you’re
interested in having painted by Sh-amp, please feel free to contact us.

This project is in it’s early stages and is currently made possible with donations.  Through grant funding  and collaborations we are working toward sustainability for this ongoing project.  Please consider making a tax deductible contribution today to support public art in South Haven!