Sh-amp Projects

Sh-amp artists have been working together since early 2017 to create public art in and around South Haven.  The project is funded through contracts, donations and grant funding.

Sh-amp artist Tyler Voorhees completed a mural at Baseline Middle School celebrating the workers of South Haven’s past lumber industries, apple and blueberry farming and a historical hotel.  The students and faculty enjoyed watching Tyler paint the mural during the school day and now enjoy it everyday as they travel through the building!

In the fall of 2018 Sh-amp led projects involving the 4th and 5th graders at North Shore Elementary as well as art students at Baseline Middle School creating murals for the South Haven Ice Rink rental office.  This highly visibly, family friendly space is the perfect location for pubic art and celebrating the work of our local young artists.

North Shore Elementary

The ceiling tiles were removed from the office by volunteers and workshops were put together by Sh-amp artist Kayla Wyszynski.  The students were presented with a story about community art and a time lapse video of Kayla’s “Sawyer’s Passage” mural (see below).  The fourth graders worked in pairs to paint the tiles given an assortment of sponges and three colors.  The students worked together to experiment with the paint, make decisions and ultimately create 99 unique tiles in a supportive and fun environment.


The fifth graders worked in class sized groups to cut out snowflakes to be laid on top of the painted tiles.  The students worked independently, but there were many opportunities to help one another with the folding instructions and how to cut without cutting too much.  Many of them completed original designs as well as the intricate pre-printed designs supplied. Snowflake cutting is a challenging activity that requires patience and careful effort.  The symmetrical results spark the recognition of multiples in patterns, an important mathematical concept.

Sh-amp volunteers will glue and seal the snowflakes to the tiles and then reinstall the tiles in the ice rink office in time for the opening before Thanksgiving weekend.


Baseline Middle School




“Sawyer’s Passage” was completed in the fall of 2017 and artist Kayla Wyszynski presented her process at an opening in December.  She is now working on another panel of the wall to be completed this summer.


A team of Sh-amp artists Sam Dustin and Kelly Gleeson along with visiting artist, Brandon Gossman, completed indoor murals at the new Gino’s East location in the spring of 2018.

Brandon Gossman, Sam Dustin and Kelly Gleason

Sh-amp led a community paint night at the South Haven Brew Pub as a fundraiser for supplies.  Adults and kids picked a square from one of two murals and painted together for an evening.  The squares were put back together and will be on display in the Brewpub (soon!)


Artist Kelly Gleeson has begun work on the wall leading down to “The River Bottom” below The Black River Tavern.  This project is on hold due to structural issues.


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