Future Foundry

Foundry Hall offers programming for our younger community members.

Lotte and Michael at Tunebugs
Tunebug volunteers Yamil and Kitty

Tunebugs is a free, weekly music exploration for preschool aged kids at the South Haven Memorial Library.  Tunebugs invited band and orchestra students to join them during the summer and two loyal volunteers in Kitty and Yamil.


Guitar Club is a free, weekly get together for younger guitar players from beginners and up at the South Haven Library and now at Baseline Middle School, too.



Foundry Hall is starting a free Drama Club at Baseline Middle School for improv games, musical theater and other drama fun.




Bike Shop Open Mic is a new project “geared” toward teens and offered monthly.  We’re planning for regional musicians and artists to host  sharing their stories and perspective.



Shamp artist Kayla Wyszynski

SHAMP (South Haven area mural Project) is working with North Shore Elementary and Baseline Middle School students to create murals in the ice rink office this year.  Shamp artist Kayla Wysynski presented a time lapse video of “Sawyer’s Passage” the first of four walls on the side of Rock ‘n’ Road Cycle.  Shamp artist Tyler Voorhees shared a story about art with the students as well.  The group will return to the school shortly for one or two art days to create the ice rink murals.


Tunebugs volunteers offer Instrument Petting Zoos to schools, camps and really whenever asked!

Foundry Hall has coordinated projects in the SHPS and are other area schools over the past four years.  These projects originated with the artists contacting us and offering unique experiences for our students.  Foundry Hall has generously made this possible through donations, grant funding and hard works – all done by volunteers.

High School workshop
Derek Brown BEATbOx SaX


Glenn school workshop

Moxie Strings with SHHS orchestra







Kinobe workshopUgandan musician Kinobe presented his hand made instruments to Baseline middle school band and orchestra students during our first school project.

Audience members from Kinobe’s community concert tried out the instruments on stage after the performance.





Talent Share 2015

Foundry Hall offered a “Talent share” opportunity for two years and would like to bring it back!  It was a very relaxed, comfortable environment for kids to share what they are working if they are taking lessons, what they have come up with on their own and even what they can come up with in the moment, sometimes with others!


Dance Studio Light 2015

Foundry Hall volunteers hosted the touring dance group “Dance Studio Light” from the Czech Republic with a community performance downstairs at the First Hebrew Congregation of South Haven.