THU 5/16 School clubs

This heart is popping up on our stuff now.

This year we started doing free, after school clubs at Baseline Middle School.  It started with the guitar club that started at the library over last summer moving to the middle school in the fall since it was middle schoolers who came to the club and it made it easier for students to participate if they didn’t need to find a ride to the library.  Right about then Nicole Guminski got involved with Foundry Hall and was interested in doing a drama club at Baseline, too.  Her club was a big hit and is presenting a production of Nerd Herd on Friday, May 31st at Baseline Middle School for the general public. Continue reading “THU 5/16 School clubs”


April 21st 2019

First blog post!  (oops, as soon as I published this I noticed that I had written another one a while ago.  Oh well…)

I’ve been thinking about doing this for years.  For archiving purposes, therapy, posterity and, of course, compiling into a book someday that will sell millions of copies to help keep Foundry Hall afloat. Continue reading “April 21st 2019”


The 2nd Annual South Haven Jazz Festival!

Foundry Hall proudly presented two evenings of jazz in Dyckman Park.  This free festival showcased fabulous local and regional jazz musicians and served regional craft beer and Cogdal Vineyard wine under the trees in Dyckman Park.  For info on next year’s festival visit our Jazz Festival page.