Artist in Residency

Beginning in November 2018, Foundry Hall is hosting Ugandan musician and dance instructor Samuel Nalangira.  Samuel was on tour with the Dance of Hope group that Foundry Hall hosted for a week in March 2018.  His residency goals are to teach and share his music, talents and culture through workshops and performances in the area and to work with local musicians and dancers to develop new cross-cultural work.

Samuel is an inspired, hard working musician, supportive and friendly teacher and open to opportunities in schools, after-school programs, youth groups, events and parties.  To schedule a class, workshop, performance or to meet with Samuel, email of

promotional video created by Julian Lauzzana


South Haven Cultural Calendar

Foundry Hall secured grant funding from the South Haven Community Foundation in 2015 to create an shared event calendar website for the local cultural non-profit organizations. In our small town it is a challenge to publicize and engage the community about upcoming events. We came up with this shared platform with a calendar format would be a valuable asset to all of these organizations. The website design includes easy to find information, links to organizations websites and is free of advertising and distractions.

South Haven Cultural Calendar


About Sh-amp

South Haven Area Mural Project 

South Haven Area Mural Project (Sh-amp) is an artist collective creating large scale art inspiring and beautifying our community.  As a subsidiary of Foundry Hall, we are working to build community through the presentation of public art as well as creating opportunities to participate in the creation of art.

Working with local businesses, residents and the city, Sh-amp is creating large scale murals in the often overlooked areas – parking lots and side streets. The murals catch the eye of visitors, offer locals a more pleasing environment, and encourage public interaction with art.

Freely accessible public art expresses the uniqueness of our town and celebrates the local art community.  Inspiring our school age children with art is beneficial in cognitive, social and emotional development.  Public art ensures that everyone has access, everyone has a chance to benefit.

This project will promote South Haven and the surrounding area as being at the heart of Michigan’s “art coast” and generate more interest in visiting our
community while supporting the local art community. Please support this on-going program by making a tax deductible contribution today.

Thank you Lake Shore Paint for your ongoing support of these projects!

Thank you to the Albermarle Foundation for sponsorship of the Broadway Street murals!

Thank you to Gino’s East for the opportunity to create murals inside your restaurant!

Thank you to Beyer Construction for an early donation that helped jump start the whole project!

And thank you to all of the donations from our supportive community members!  We love being artists in South Haven!

Sh-amp projects





This is an informal and incomplete archive of Foundry Hall. It’s really just a running log of the stuff that happens and anyone is welcome to contribute. (Email photos and comments, reviews, etc, to with archive in the subject).  Artists’ websites are linked so you can find out more!

12/21/17 open mic @ the River Bottom

Christmas themed Open Mic!

12/16/17  Foundry Hall Christmas concert (and benefit for WeCaRE)  (United Methodist Church)

Musicians Ron Van Lente, Al Cole, Senior Center Chimes, Shyreece Pompey, Dan Pierce, South Haven Men’s Chorus. Joe Foster, Brianna Rigozzi, Modre Sonnette Bells, Tom Rasely and Katie Hillyard performed a variety of Christmas themed music from classics to originals, instrumentals to a capella voices.  It was a wonderful evening of music and the generous audience donated more than $900 to the WECARE non-profit organization that helps out so many of our local residents with basic needs and resources.  Thank you to these musicians for helping make it a special night for so many.

12/14/17 A Songwriter’s Trio featuring Allison Downey, Ed Dupas and Andy Baker  (BRT)

Three MI songwriters took turns playing their original songs and telling us how they write them, their inspirations and back stories.

12/2/17 Steve Barber Family Concert plus petting zoo @ the South Haven Memorial Library

There wasn’t a huge crowd for this afternoon family concert, but the people who did come had a fun time singing along with Steve and then checking out percussion instruments with Foundry volunteers Dan Pierce and Lotte Resek as well as guitars, ukuleles, banjo and violin.  Music for all ages, music can be fun and accessible for everyone!  


Anna P.S.  11/18/17 House Concert @ Casa Roja Grande in Bangor

Anna P.S. performed her original music using acoustic guitar, foot percussion and the flute for a group of about 22 friends and family in a comfortable living room in Bangor.  For more information on Anna and her heartfelt music check out her website!

House concerts are wonderful things. We’d love to create more opportunities for musicians to share their original music and for music appreciating folks to experience it and meet others! Let us know if you’d like to get in on this as a host, audience member or artist!



OPEN MIC 11/16 @ The River Bottom


Working on the summary video upload!

ADRIAN LEGG  11/12/17 @ The River Bottom

This was a fun Sunday evening concert with this British custom acoustic-electric, fingerstyle guitar player with over 40 years under his belt.  He brought with him an eclectic set of effect pedals and we set up a separate speaker so we could create a stereo sound for the “sloshing” of his reverb.  It was a memorable concert with beautiful, inventive songs and hilarious stories.

Adrian Legg website

“Adrian Legg is a guitariist’s guitarist; a true musician and master of his instrument. I’ve known of Adrian for decades but this is the first chance I’ve had to see him play live. I’m glad I went.”  Tom Rasely, local musician

Danny Schmidt 10/30/17 @ Epiphany Church, small chapel

The sound is really nice in the small chapel. This was a really nice show with sweet songs, wonderful finger picking. Thank you Linda Baker and Sheral Bradley for helping bring Danny Schmidt back to South Haven!
Danny Schmidt

Open Mic 10/19/17

Tidbits from Foundry Hall’s 79th consecutive monthly Open Mic hosted by Paul Hogan at The Black River Tavern “River Bottom”. Kicked off at 7pm by Steve Barber  and closed a little after 10pm by Andy Baker  with several really well written and performed original songs with this month’s song prompt “fall to pieces”. Seven dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies were consumed. Performances also by Dan Smith, Bryan Klnesteker, Guy and Karen Stinson, Tom Meldrim, Ron Van Lente  with Jill Priebe and David Veenstra, Erica Huizenga, Doug Huizenga, Chuck Rysenga and William Nelson.

Open Mic OCT 2017
Those in attendance donated $110 to Foundry Hall’s mission of building community through music. It was a great night of music, networking and supporting Foundry Hall.
November’s Song Challenge prompt words are “be well” and “too bad you’re so …”. Performers using either prompt in an original song receive one free drink.  Foundry Hall’s Open Mic takes place from 7-10pm on the third Thursday of every month at the River Bottom (downstairs at the Black River Tavern – 403 Phoenix Street).
before this there was a lot…we’re working on the archive backwards and slowly!

Sh-amp Artists

Kayla Wyszynski graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design with a BFA in Illustration in the Spring of 2014. Following her graduation, Kayla received her first major commission; a mural welcoming visitors to the city of South Haven, Michigan co-funded by South Haven Health Systems and the Filbrandt Family Funeral Home.

Having served a year-long internship at the South Haven Center for the Arts, Kayla co-chaired the 2015 Mistletoe Market, co-judged the 2015 South Haven Art Fair, designed publications, and assisted in coordinating and executing building renovations and maintenance. Still an active member, Kayla regularly enters her work in the various exhibitions held at the center and volunteers there.

Family focused and driven, Kayla’s work centers around relationships and loved ones. Portraiture as her forte, Kayla enjoys illustrating captured memories shared by generations of family. Kayla’s love for portraiture and current employment at the local funeral home have found her a new niche of projects, creating memorial portraits for families who have lost loved ones.

In addition to her figurative work, Kayla also creates landscapes often inspired by her hometown and state. She very much enjoys being outside and has a great wonder and admiration for nature and all its elements, especially water.

Kayla is fluent in an array of traditional media including, but not limited to, graphite, colored pencil, pastel, and watercolor. Although she uses digital programs to assist in her process, Kayla’s true passion lies within traditional media. As Kayla’s media changes, the themes driving her work remain consistent.

Outside the studio, Kayla enjoys spending time out doors with her family. She enjoys strolling through the streets of South Haven while taking in the scene of Lake Michigan.  Kayla also enjoys riding bicycles, swimming, and running with her beagle, Buddy.

Kayla’s website>>


Sam Dustin

Inspired by uncommon people, unique places, and unfamiliar cultures, Sam Dustin has dedicated her life to artistic expression. She is originally from South Haven and took off traveling for 12 years during which time she acquired a B.A. with a double major in Fine Art & Graphic Design. Returning home to Michigan in 2010, she began her professional career as a tattoo artist. Sam continues to create in a variety of mediums and her art has been growing in scale, as if murals were the next natural progression.


Sam’s website>>


Tyler Voorhees

Born on the flatlands of eastern South Dakota in 1984, Tyler Voorhees was blessed with a childhood full of tree forts and fishing poles. He attended Black Hills State University in Spearfish, SD and acquired his BFA in 2006. After working multiple jobs and saving every penny, he chased his future wife across the pond to Germany and lived there for almost two years giving bike tours, teaching English and taking in the rich history of Europe. While there Tyler also worked on honing in on his current collaging technique and developed the elongated whimsical style you see in his art.

After returning to the States in 2010, he focused on his passion for teaching and earned his stripes leading 2nd graders on nature walks and explorations in art. Never putting the paintbrush down, he and his wife Ashley decided in 2015 to quit the rat race and take their son Ivan on the road, committing to his art full-time. For the first nine months, they lived the nomadic lifestyle and traveled over 17,000 miles, keeping only a mailbox in Colorado as their permanent residence. Michigan is now home, but Tyler continues to explore the country with his most recent addition, Orin, gathering inspiration from the open road and sharing his work with art enthusiasts from all over.

Tyler’s website>>


Brandon Gossman

Brandon Gossman hails from South Haven but currently makes his mess in Austin. He’s like a Swiss army knife, if they forgot the actual knife and screwdriver attachments. Saturated in “b” movies, skate culture, comic book imagery, and those “build your own hovercraft” or “x-ray glasses” ads in the back pages of boy’s life magazine, he attempts to marry these influences with a deep admiration for impressionism and street art hoping to remind us that life is a glorious chaos.

Kelly Gleason

Kelly Gleason


Community Projects

Community Music and Art Projects

All of these projects were coordinated by Foundry Hall volunteers!  Grant funding, sponsorships and donations are used to pay musicians, sound engineering and supplies.  We do an amazing amount of work with our small budget!

Fall 2018

In November, Sh-amp (South Haven Area Mural Project) and Foundry Hall collaborated with North Shore Elementary Students to complete a ceiling mural at the South Haven Ice Rink (rental area).  Read more here…

Asaran Earth Trio Project in South Haven Public Schools
Touring musicians from New York, but originally from Italy, Brazil and Hungary, lead workshops with students for two days and performed for the community October 12th. Read more here!

The 2nd Annual South Haven Jazz Festival!
Foundry Hall is pleased to present two evenings of jazz in Dyckman Park for free! We have created a lineup of fabulous local and regional jazz musicians for the festival and will create again the beer and wine garden under the trees featuring local wine and craft beer. Friday and Saturday 9/14 and 9/15 5-10pm each night. For the full lineup visit our Jazz Festival page.


Summer 2018

Community Picnic!

Foundry Hall helped Ward 1 CAC, PUSH, Epiphany Church and YDC create an end of summer community picnic at Elkenburg Park.   Kalamazoo musician/songwriter Yolanda Lavender performed with her trio for all of the people who came out to share a pot luck meal, play games and commune with their neighbors.  Funds from the Foundry Hall Community Music Fund were used to pay the performers.

Riverfront Concert Series

This year marks the fourth year that Foundry Hall has booked, sponsored and hosted the Riverfront Concert Series for the City of South Haven.  13 concerts took place at picturesque Riverfront park bringing together community members and visitors to the area to enjoy a wide variety of music on Thursday evenings.  Foundry Hall offered the opportunity to co-host concerts to area non-profits to help raise awareness about their work and upcoming events.

Books by the Beach – Instrument making

Tunebugs volunteers created a fun activity to add to the SHPS “Books by the Beach” program made possible by dedicated SHPS teacher Heather Chalupa.  We had fun experimenting with popsicle stick “harmonicas” with lots of young friends.  We brought a few instruments along, too, for the kids to learn about and play.



Forever Curious Children’s Museum Instrument Petting Zoo

The Forever Curious Children’s Museum “popped up” in South Haven this summer and Foundry Hall created an afternoon petting zoo for its visitors.

Rhythm on the River

This year Foundry Hall decided to have two evenings of music rather than one long day for the annual Rhythm on the River.  We drew a short straw and ended up with a very rainy weekend, but made the most of it under the Huron Street Pavilion.  It’s always a lot of work to pull this festival off and we couldn’t do it without all of the dedicated volunteers!!  The sponsorship funds make it possible to showcase a variety of great Michigan bands playing their original music (Delilah DeWylde herself is an original!)

Instrument Petting Zoo

Tunebugs volunteers brought a dozen instruments to the Covert Public Library to share with the summer camp kids at Covert schools.  Kids got to learn a little about guitar, mandolin, ukulele, violin, bass guitar, xylophone, drums and other percussion instruments.  Then they got to play them all!  It was a lot of fun and we think we inspired some kids to have fun with music!

Fourth of July Parade

Foundry Hall teamed up with the Baseline Middle School Art Class (led by Sarah Rydecki) to create some fun visual art for the 4th of July parade.  The theme was “Think outside the box” and there were several “make” sessions held to work on the theme.  It was a VERY hot day, but we had a lot of kids join us in wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July and encouraging people to “pursue happiness through music and art”.

Get out your Guitar Day

Foundry Hall held another “Get out your guitar” day to encourage guitar players to come together and share what they play, the music they enjoy and get to know each other.  In that same vein, Foundry Hall created a kids Guitar Club that has run throughout the summer.

Tunebugs friends

This summer we welcomed two middle school band students to help with our free preschool music program Tunebugs.  With Yamil on saxophone and Kitty on clarinet we had lots of fun making music and learning about different instruments.  The Foundry Hall Community Music Fund paid each student for this internship.

Open Mic at Kismet Bakery in Douglas

Foundry Hall held a once a month, Sunday afternoon Open Mic at a downtown Douglas bakery this summer.  Hosted by Erin Hill Van Horn, there were a variety of musicians young and old getting up to share their talent and music.  Foundry Hall loves supporting them by creating these programs.  Coming soon: teen open mic!

Spring 2018

Maple Grove Arts and Innovation Day!
This day is all about how creativity overlaps between music, multitudes of art techniques, science and fun! Foundry Hall provided an string instrument demonstration and petting zoo experience sharing a guitar, banjo, soprano and baritone ukuleles and mandolin. It’a really interesting to see how the kids try out the instruments differently and learn from each other.

Michigan History Day at North Shore Elementary!  Foundry Hall brought some Casco Community Band history to share with students as they celebrate their 90th year as an all-volunteer big band.

We also shared some photos from the Historical Association of South Haven archives capturing music in South Haven from yesteryear. To top it all off we brought in a quartet of instruments for the kids to play including a banjo, mandolin, baritone ukulele and an accordion.  History, music and fun all together!


Derek Brown “BEATBoX Sax” at South Haven Public Schools.  Foundry Hall sponsored the workshops and performance project with professional musician, Derek Brown.  The middle school and high school band students spent a day learning from Derek in their classrooms and then the High School Jazz Ensemble had two rehearsals with him in preparation for their free community performance at Listiak Auditorium.  Foundry Hall helped invite the community to the well-received performance.

Derek signed autographs, chatted with audience members and students and helped encourage donations for the band’s new Tri-M honors society.




Ugandan musician and educator, Kinobe, returned to South Haven with his new touring group “Dance of Hope”.  The group featuring 10 young Ugandan “ambassadors”, choreographer and musician Samuel Nalangirla and Kinobe were artists in residency for 6 days during which they led workshops and performed for schools in the area and the community.  Foundry Hall  coordinated with SHPS, St. Basil’s school of South Haven, Glenn SchoolFennville Public Schools and Covert Public Schools. 

The group performed on Wednesday, 3/21, from 4:30-6pm at Maple Ave Ministries in Holland sponsored by the Alliance for Cultural and Ethnic Harmony as well as a free community concert at Listiak Auditorium on Friday, 3/23, at 7pm.  The residency concluded with a  workshop and performance at the Citadel in Benton Harbor on Saturday, 3/24 made possible in part by a generous contribution from the Oak Room at the Citadel.

This project was put together by volunteers at Foundry Hall with the help of members and friends contributing housing and meals for the tour.  It would not have been possible without the financial support received from the Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs  of South Haven, the Albemarle Foundation, Fleming Bros. Oil and a number of private donations from community members.

Check out the video we put together from the workshops and performances.  The Dance of Hope will be able to use this as a promotional video when reaching out to other schools.  (Video production by Julian Lauzzana)

We also helped connect Kinobe with Farren’s  Metal Works to create a steel frame case for his African Kora.  David Ludwig was able to make adjustments to the instrument with all of his wood working expertise.

The Dance of Hope 2018 tour

Past Projects

Winter 2017/18

Hopefully this was just the first of many community paint projects.  The party was a fundraiser for Sh-amp (South Haven Area Mural Project), which is part of Foundry Hall.   People of all ages came out to the South Haven Brewpub to paint a square as part of a community mosaic art piece.  Purchase of a square to paint, a portion of the beer sales as well as the eventual auction of the completed work will all go to help fund upcoming mural projects around town.

Foundry Hall and the South Haven Memorial Library co-hosted a “Get Out Your Guitar Day” on February 10th.  Fifteen guitar wielding people from 10-70 years old attended and talked guitars, gear, music and played a little of their favorite stuff.


Turbulence, a local band of musicians from SHHS, performed downstairs at the Black River Tavern as part of South Haven’s Icebreakers Festival in early February.  The funky mix of music was led by Foundry Hall community musician, Grant Frabe, on bass.  Foundry Hall loves supporting these young musicians!

Foundry Hall volunteer Larry Brown put together a showcase of local musicians for a free Christmas concert at First United Methodist Church.  Over $900 in donations were collected at the concert for WE Care INC to help stock their food pantries for local families in need.

The Festival of Lights committee of Glenn, MI asked Foundry Hall to provide a musician for caroling at their annual post-Thanksgiving, Festival of Lights event.  Dan Pierce, a dedicated Foundry Hall volunteer led the singing for the many families that attended.

Sh-amp officially opened the completed “Sawyer’s Passage” mural on the side of Rock n Road Cycle with a public party and presentation by the artist, Kayla Wyszynski.   Kayla discussed her process from conception to completion of South Haven’s newest piece of public art.



Community musician Steve Barber performed for a free Foundry Hall family concert at the South Haven Memorial Library on December 2nd.  The singer/songwriter/retired principal does such a nice job of telling funny stories and getting everyone to participate as he shares his original music!

Foundry Hall presents local musicians at the Congregational Church on Phoenix Road during their free community dinners on Thursday nights.  Musicians are paid a small amount from the Community Music Fund and get a chance to share and connect with community members.

Fall 2017

Foundry Hall presented the First Annual Jazz Festival in Dyckman Park.  This two evening festival showcased local and regional musicians

Featuring regional musicians: The Andrew Fisher Quartet, Ivan Akansiima, Edye Evans Hyde, Blue Shoes, the South Haven Area Mens Chorus, Pete Wehle, Grant Frabe, Jazzmin II and the Lake Effect Jazz Band featuring vibraphonist Jim Cooper.


Foundry Hall organized students from the middle school, high school and home-school community to perform along the route of the SHPS Light up the Night 5K fundraiser.  The kids had a great time and earned money for the Instrumental Boosters Club for playing.

Summer 2017

JigJam, a touring musical group all the way from Ireland, performed at Glenn Square community park.  This free show was presented by Foundry Hall and marks the first collaboration with the small community of Glenn just north of South Haven.

Jigjamat Glenn Square

The second Annual Rhythm on the River – July 22nd

Foundry Hall offers the second annual one-day free Rhythm on the River festival featuring Michigan musicians performing their original music.  There was lots of fun at this family friendly event and a wide range of music enjoyed while relaxing on the grass at Riverfront Park .

Foundry Hall volunteer Paul Hogan and Red Spirit Retreat (of Fennville, MI) owner Karen Duffin created a series of four  music jams to raise funds to send a student to Blue Lake Fine Arts camp in 2018.

Karen wanted to share her lovely space in Fennville for a music based good cause so she decided to create monthly music jams to raise money for a student in need to go to Blue Lake next summer. It was a great success (they raised enough for TWO students to go to Blue Lake) and a lot of fun in the meantime!

Foundry Hall continues to book and host the Riverfront Concert Series for the City of South Haven with the South Haven Public Schools’ High School Jazz band kicking off the series in late May.

Cabildo’s Josh Dunigan leads an informal drum workshop after their Riverfront Concert Series performance.

Foundry Hall participated in both the Fourth of July parade (winning best marching band award – we were the only “marching” music) and the Blueberry Festival parade.

Spring 2017

Foundry Hall partners with Cogdal Vineyards to offer a jazz lunch, free admission at the Vineyard featuring Kalamazoo musicians Benje Daneman and Rufus Ferguson.




Winter 2016

Foundry Hall presents local musicians at the Congregational Church on Phoenix Road during their free community dinners on Thursday nights.  Musicians are paid a small amount from the Community Music Fund and get a chance to share and connect with community members.

Fall 2016

This October, Foundry Hall produced an educational program in the South Haven Schools featuring Michigan musicians, Diana Ladio and Alison Lynn of  The Moxie Strings.  In addition to two days of clinics with orchestra students from 6th to 12th grade, the project also provided a community concert free to all students and open to the community.  The 75 minute concert closed with the orchestra students performing along side The Moxie Strings joined by drummer,  Fritz McGirr.   They played songs they had learned in the clinics and everyone had a chance to give an improvised solo.

The feedback from students, parents and the community members that attended the performance was overwhelmingly positive.  We feel we have given the students a memorable experience that was eye-opening, inspirational and fun.  We want to thank SHPS Orchestra director Jessica Fiederowicz for working with us to make this happen.  This program was made possible in part by a grant from the South Haven Community Foundation and the Albemarle Foundation.  We greatly appreciate their support in Foundry Hall projects.

In September, Foundry Hall volunteer and songwriter, Andy Baker, assembled a “songwriter’s circle” with fellow musicians Michael Crittenden and Joe Shields.  A fun format of taking turns sharing songs, the show was very well received.  We’d love to do this sort of thing more often!

Fall Festival downtown featuring Grand Rapids alt-folk, indie pop, jazz group Olivia Mainville and the Aquatic Troupe and the zany jug band stylings of the Coloma based Deep Fried Pickle Project starting at 12:30pm at the Huron Street pavilion as well as local musicians on the streets all day.

In November, Foundry Hall partnered with Al-Van Humane Society to present Trevor Lewington and Craig Downie, members of Canadian touring band Enter the Haggis at the Black River Tavern.  Proceeds from the concert went to Al-Van raising $250.

Summer 2016 

Foundry Hall hosted many kid friendly music experiences this summer.  In coordination with his Riverfront Concert Series performance, pianist Matthew Ball did a special “Boogie Woogie” preschool program at the library during the regularly scheduled Tunebugs program offered weekly by Foundry Hall.   The regularly scheduled Kids’ Cabaret Talent Share had a special patio edition with our old friend Andru Bemis.  Michigan Folk Duo Gemini

gave a wonderful free family concert that  was made possibly by generous donations from supportive community members.  The lawn is a great spot to listen to music on the gentle sloping hill, dance in the grass and watch the boat traffic go by on the river!  We will try to use that space more next summer for sure.

Foundry Hall coordinated a small group of college music students providing music in the Youth Development Corporation (YDC/PAL) day camps in June and July.  This is the first summer that we have worked with this organization, but we hope to be able to enrich more of their programs with music.   We are very happy to be job creators for these young folks, even if just for a few weeks!

After a full year of preparing, Foundry Hall also presented a one day music festival called Rhythm on the River on July 23rd at Riverfront Park.  The festival featured Michigan musicians performing oriandrupianoginal music and had such family friendly activities as chalking the sidewalk, painting a naugahyde covered piano (now living
downstairs at the Black River Tavern) and corn hole games.  Rising stars and long time Foundry Hall Talent Share participants, Daniel and Isabel Noguera, kicked off the festival with their fantastic original music.

We threw a party/sale at our soon to be vacated office space at the Warren Center (don’t worry we’re not disappearing, just working out shared space for lessons and workshops) on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in July.  The South Haven Area Mens’ Chorus and our own music educator Doug Peterson perfordrewgibsonmed in the late afternoon and then traveling musicians Drew Gibson, Jon Nazdin and Dave Hadley provided lovely entertainment on the patio that evening.

Finishing up the summer, local (Benton Harbor) musician and LMC student, Chris Kang, performed on the patio at the Warren Center announcing his upcoming CD release.  Gobles musician, Andy Baker,  performed his original work at the Black River Tavern.


Spring 2016 


Foundry Hall coordinated local musicians for Spring Fling  party in downtown South Haven on Saturday, April 23rd.  Thirteen musicians, young and old, performed on the street corners to help create a festive environment.  Foundry Hall paid a small stipend to each musician for their efforts from the Community Music Fund.  This was a great opportunity for a lot of young musicians to try out informal performance and to meet other musicians.  It also exposed lots of people to a variety of music styles and instruments.

In May, Foundry Hall hosted two free community music concerts.  Local piano student, Hannah Jessup, performed her repetoire at andyjoeronthe library and Joe Foster and Ron Van Lente who perform together as “Silver Threads” were featured at the Warren Senior Center.    Andy Baker performed a the Black River Tavern (downstairs venue) as a community concert as well and we joined by the Silver Threads for a couple of songs.

The Riverfront Concert Series kicked off on May 26th with a performance of the South Haven High School Jazz Band directed by Jeff Bopp.  Foundry Hall hashjbs partnered with the City of South Haven to book and host the Riverfront Concert Series, a series of free concerts on Thursday nights from late May to Labor Day.


Winter 2015

Foundry Hall hosted more Community Music Concerts including Pete Wehle‘s return to singing Frank Sinatra’s greatest hits and local musicians, Star and Charlie.  Foundry Hall added to the Ice Breakstarandcharlieer festivities in town by hosting the Deep Fried Pickle Project along the chili tasting tour.  Danny Donuts livened up the library’s Ice Breaker story hour, as well.


Our monthly Kids’ Cabaret Talent Share continued through the winter with lots of fun music making, story telling and puppeteering creating a time and place for free creativity with friends and family.

Fall 2015 

“A Gift of Music” Performance Series at the South Haven Memorial Library.   The series showcases a variety of music performed by talented, local musicians and is free and open to the community.   Featuring Roger Ransom, Eden Morris and Michael Vanden chorusTak, a South Haven High School Choir Ensemble led by Katie Hillyard and Erin Hill Van Horn and Catlin Nell Lancaster, the Library and Foundry Hall  give the gift of live music this holiday season in the comfortable Library community room.

Foundry Hall, with the help of Roger Ransom, are maintaining the library’s Everett Piano.  This was the last piano made at the Everett Piano factory in South Haven in 19everett86 and was donated to the City of South Haven.  The inside of the cabinet is inscribed by the employees of the Everett Piano Company, then owned by Yamaha.



Summer 2015

Families from South Haven and the surrounding area hosted a traveling dance group from the Czech Republic this past August.  Coordinatedczechdance2 by Foundry Hall  twenty-one members of the dance group Dance Studio Light of the Na Popolce School in Prague visited South Haven for two days en route from Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp to Chicago.  They gave a very well received, free performance for the community on Thursday, August 21st at the First Hebrew Congregation Synagogue  which the congregation let us use for free.  czechdance2

Foundry Hall was excited to be contacted by Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp and happy to bring together so many people for a cultural exchange and performance opportunity and we hope to have more opportunities in the future.

riverfrontFoundry Hall has hosted the Riverfront Concert Series with the City of South Haven this summer.  We will do our best to carry on this long standing series offering a variety of local and regional musical talent and genres.  Concerts are Thursday evenings in the summer at Riverfront Park on Water Street.

LaurelFederbushFoundry Hall and  South Haven Center for the Arts are presented professional harpist, Laurel Federbush, closing the Talmud: Marc Chagall and Ben Zion exhibit at SHCA  on July 24th, 6-7:30pm.  Federbush has composed original music based on the Jewish Bible for the harp and will perform for the community at this free event.

Projects from earlier 2015

Earth Day Celebration with Transitions South Haven,  Michigan History Day at North Shore Elementary with the Historical Association of South Haven, Arts Day at Lincoln Elementary and a four day African music project featuring Ugandan musician and educator, Kinobe.
Kinobe led workshops and performed for the students at Baseline Middle School.   Foundry Hall obtained funding from the South Haven Community Foundation, South Haven Public School Foundation to make this possible.   Foundry Hall coordinated with the school and provided technical assistance for the program.
Kinobein covert
In addition to the day at Baseline, Kinobe gave two performances reaching all of the students at Covert Public Schools.   We greatly appreciate a donation from Suzanne Blair as well as the funding from the Covert School District that made this program possible.
Foundry Hall provided opportunities for the general community as well facilitating a workshop at our Warren Center location as well as an evening community performance at Listiak Auditorium in South Haven.

Coordinating this event for our community and particularly for so many students was a very satisfying experience for the Foundry Hall volunteers and we hope to create more opportunities like this in the future!

Projects from 2014:

September:  Foundry Hall hosted Blues Benefit Concert for South Haven’s Sister City, Quilali, Nicaragua featuring the Elwood Splinters Blues Band.

March:  Foundry Hall hosts and organizes SPRINGFEST: Liberty Hyde Bailey’s birthday bash with music performances and jams, instrument petting zoo and crafts.


Rhythm on the River Music Festival


**Tonight’s festival has been relocated to the Huron Street Pavilion due to weather!

Friday AND Saturday, July 20th and 21st

This year’s festival is sponsored by:

Hotel Nichols

Kal-Haven Outpost


Whiteford Wealth Management, Inc.

Final Gravity Brewing

Cogdal Vineyards

Brix Corner Oven


South Haven/Van Buren County Visitors Bureau and Convention Center
Huizenga Construction
Fleming Bros. Oil/Value Market Convenience Stores
Rod’s Printing
South Haven Brewpub
Farren Metal Works

Sponsorship funds are used to pay the artists and sound production.  We have a pretty cool list of sponsorship levels… Follow this link to check it out:  RHYTHM ON THE RIVER SPONSORSHIP FORM.

FRI July 20th   **Friday night of the festival, 7/20 has been relocated to the Huron Street Pavilion due to weather!

Andy Baker
Olivia Mainville & the Aquatic Troupe
Cold Mountain Child

SAT July 21st

Jack Adams Band
Midwestern Lull
Static Apparatus
Delilah DeWylde

That’s right folks, we’re planning two days from 5-10pm for our original music festival this year.  We’re putting together a fantastic mix of local and regional musicians and we’ll have lots of family friendly fun, local food and craft beers.  The festival is free and made possible by generous sponsors in the area.  We would love to have more help making it happen.  If you’d like to volunteer send us an email at   Feel free to send us your comments, questions and suggestions, too!

Check out our volunteer page for more information about getting involved with ROTR or any other Foundry Hall project.

ROTR history

Sat July 22nd     Rhythm on the River (ROTR) 2017,  Foundry Hall’s free all day music festival featuring original music home grown in Michigan at Riverfront Park in South Haven. 

We did it!  It was a huge effort pulled off by a great group of volunteers this year – thank you to all of you!  We did manage to pay for it all through generous sponsorships (listed below) and donations and on beer t-shirt and ice cream sales.  If you were there and would like to help support this year and hopefully next year’s effort, it is never too late to send something in!

2017 Rhythm on the River Sponsors:

Whiteford Wealth Management
Albemarle Foundation
Black River Tavern

South Haven Visitor’s Bureau
Cogdal Vineyards
Apple Insurance
Pro Powder, Inc.
Fleming Bros. Oil
Captain Nemo’s
Wolverine Hardware
Sherman’s Ice Cream

*special thanks to Dan Greve for generous support
**special dedication in memory of Brain Eugene Moody, Sr.

Send us a message if you’d like to jump in and be a sponsor for next year’s ROTR!

If you’d like to make a tax deductible donation to Foundry Hall toward ROTR send it to:
Foundry Hall, PO Box 463, South Haven, MI 49090.



Recap of ROTR 2016:

We did it!  It was hot, it was so, so hot, but we made it through the day enjoying great music from local and regional musicians, including a debut of South Haven’s premier high school band, BorderLyne, playing their original funk/rock!  and having fun with sidewalk chalk, corn hole, painting the piano and playing music in the tent.   Isabel and Daniel Noguera kicked it all off with their original set – at 13 and 11 these kids are already creating some cool music of their own.  Tom Rasely, Brennan Quinn and Andru Bemis kept us going in the crazy heat and Cold Mountain Child jammed for us into the midday haze (it was really hot!)  Nate Holley held his own on his stage creating full sound with his talented loop pedaling and Jake Simmons and the Little Ghosts shook everyone up as the heat started to break.

Then it cooled off for a rockin’ set from Slim Gyspy Baggage and everyone settled in for the grand finale from the Crane Wives, BUT the cruel, cruel weather turned and an electrical storm cut their set way too short and we all scrambled to gather “trash and treasures” under cover.

So, it was not as we hoped, but we did it!  Little, ol’ all volunteer Foundry Hall managed to pull off an all day event that took a year to plan and hours and hours of hard labor organization.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors without whom this would not have been possible!

Lake Michigan College (Stage Sponsor)

Clementine’s (Headline Sponsor)

Whiteford Wealth Management (Headline Sponsor)

Black River Tavern

Phoenix Records

Sturgis Bank – South Haven Banking Center
Black River Books
Adventure Water Sports
Julia’s Cafe
Phoenix Street Cafe
Bumbleberry Farms

Vanderzee Motorplex

Wolverine Hardware!!  For their awesome engineering skills to get and keep the beer tent up!

The City of South Haven for believing that our festival would be a welcome addition to an already busy summer season for our little town.

And, of course, to the many volunteers who came out and did what it took to get the job done!  We truly appreciate the help of everyone that worked Friday night to Sunday morning!  A one day festival is not a one day affair for sure!  You are GOLDEN!

Gratefully yours,

Foundry Hall, Rhythm on the River committee

Send us your pics!  Here’s a few we got…




2018 Riverfront Concert Series

2018 Riverfront Concert Series

Concerts take place at Riverfront Park on Water Street (south side of the Black River) at 7pm.  Some seating is available as well as lawn space.  Bring a picnic blanket (and a picnic!)  Concerts take place at Huron Street Pavilion in cases of inclement weather.

This is the fourth year that Foundry Hall has partnered with the City of South Haven to book and present the series for the residents and visitors of South Haven!  It is our pleasure to produce this series for our community and put a lot of volunteer time and energy into the planning and presentation.  If you would like to get involved send us an email at  We would love to have you on the team!

2018 schedule

5/24     SHHS Jazz Band   jazz

5/31     Turbulence    funk rock

6/7        Dave Sharp Worlds Quartet   instrumental world music

6/14      Harborfest (no concert)

6/21      Lake Effect Jazz Band   big band and contemporary jazz

6/28     Andrew Fisher Quartet   soul/jazz

7/5        Zion Lion   reggae

7/12      Hannah Rose and the GravesTones     blues, soul, rock and roll

7/19       Nessa Trio    Celtic fusion

7/26     Jared Knox   country

8/2        Kevin McDaniel House Band  classic rock and roll

8/9       Blueberry  Festival

8/16     Delta Roots Blues  blues duo

8/23    Casco Band   big band

8/30   Tumbao Bravo   Cuban jazz

2018 Sponsors:

Beachwalk Properties

Last Resort Inn

Cogdal Vineyards

Martha’s Vineyard Bed & Breakfast



The 2017 series was brought to you by the following sponsors:

South Haven Community Foundation
Albemarle Foundation
Entergy – Palisades
South Haven Visitor’s Bureau
SHOUT for South Haven
Rotary Club of South Haven
Sunny Brook Resort
Cogdal Vineyards

5/25    South Haven High School Jazz Band
6/1        South Shore Concert Band  Big Band Classics  (SW Michigan)
6/8       Lipbone Redding  One man orchestra (New York City)
6/15    Harborfest
6/22   Jen Sygit Trio   Americana, Folk Roots, Blues  (Lansing)
6/29   Lake Effect Jazz  Contemporary and Classic Big Band (SW Mighigan)
7/6      Zion Lion  Reggae (Kalamazoo)
7/13    Cabildo   Latin Fusion  (Grand Rapids)
7/20    Silver Songs  (Pam Chappell, Joe Foster, Ron VanLente, Mary Czarnecki)  (South Haven)
7/27    Hired Hands  acoustic blues, jazz  (Kalamazoo)
8/3     Kevin McDaniel House Band   oldies and favorites  (South Haven)
8/10   Blueberry Festival
8/17   Casco Band   Community big band (South Haven, Casco Twp)
8/24   Laura Rain and the Ceasars  R&B, soul, blues (Detroit)
8/31    Four Wheel Drive   Country  (Allegan)




Foundry Hall On the Road

Foundry Hall is packing up and moving from our Warren Center location.  We have been working to grow and build an education and community music program from this location for 18 months and struggling to find the partnerships and financial means to do it.  The Foundry Hall Board of Directors has decided that we are not able to continue maintaining this effort.

So, we are packing up, parting with some of our instruments, equipment and unnecessary pieces and moving to a more virtual existence for a while.

We have many partnerships with local non-profits that we can rely on for presenting our performances as well as our community programs so they will continue!  We will still offer lessons for piano, guitar and ukulele and will still do our best to connect people with teachers for other instruments as well.  We just won’t have the location to host regular lessons anymore.

Thank you to all who donated toward our efforts at the Warren Center!  Many great things happened in the 18 months that we were there and we are happy that we had the opportunity to provide so many musical experiences for people.

Please feel free to contact us via email at if you have any comments or questions.