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We would love to be able to say “this program is brought to the South Haven community by…”  or “these keyboards were purchased with a generous donation from …”   If you are interested in helping in a specific way we have a list of stuff that we need to be able to do what we do:

Community Music Program sustaining partnership:

Song Swap, Hymn Sing, Tunebugs, Guitar Club (@Baseline Middle School), Drama Club (@Baseline Middle School), Open Mic at the BRT and Teen Open Mic are all regularly held programs.  Through these programs we also create special projects and offer things like instrument petting zoos and community concerts. A financial contribution to one or more would go to purchasing equipment and supplies, printing materials, guest performers and cover insurance and administrative fees.  These programs are free and open to the public, run by volunteers and help us to communicate with the public about other music opportunities available through Foundry Hall and otherwise.  We would be more than happy to recognize donations to these programs on our website, on our office wall, in an introduction for the program and in our annual report.

Support Foundry Hall performances:

Sponsoring shows:  Foundry Hall performances are supported by donations from the audience.  We believe everyone should be able to enjoy a live performance regardless of the ability to pay.  However, the artists need to be paid and Foundry Hall needs to be able to provide the performance by paying its bills.  Supporting an individual performance is a wonderful way to make traveling artists feel welcome and appreciated in our little town and will help convince them to return.  Having your support mentioned in the introduction helps inform the community that they can help bring music to South Haven.  With advance notice we can certainly add it to our website for the event as well.

Helping us spread the word:  Where are the posters?  Where are the ads?  How come I didn’t hear about it?  Foundry Hall tries to use our website, email newsletters, facebook, instagram and twitter as much as it can to let people know about what’s going on.  We get a great deal of support from the South Haven Tribune from articles about artists to listings in the community calendar.  We print posters and hang them where we can and where we think people will stop and read them.  Reaching smaller surrounding communities is also a goal, but driving miles to post flyers takes time and energy and basically doesn’t happen regularly enough.    If you know of places to put flyers up we would be more than happy to get you some for you to post!

Other ways to reach out to the local and surrounding areas… This past fall we started underwriting the WMUK Sunday afternoon music programming.  It was prefect targeted advertising and we  had several people attend shows during that time due to the exposure.  When we knew we had to move and weren’t sure what was happening we stopped the contract with WMUK, but now we would like to start again.  There are also stations in Northern Indiana and Grand Rapids with similar music programming that we could underwrite as well.  If you would like to help us reach more people to let them know there is music in South Haven as well as support public radio,  please contribute!

If any of these possibilities interests you, feel free to contact us or drop by to talk to us to make sure your donation is going toward your interests.   All contributions to Foundry Hall are tax deductible.  We will send you a receipt for your records!

From your friends at Foundry Hall; THANK YOU for your support!
PO Box 463, South Haven, MI 49090


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