Asaran Earth Trio

Last spring the manager for Asaran Earth Trio reached out to Foundry Hall about performance possibilities here in South Haven.  Having just finished up our third program collaborating with the South Haven Public Schools (and other districts as well), we were excited to get planning another project, so we asked if they would be interested in working with our students.   They responded enthusiastically and so Foundry Hall proudly presents The Asaran Earth Trio project!

These projects reach so many young people and bring a different perspective of music and creativity to our students.  The trio will lead workshops in the middle school and high school choir classes and then perform a free community concert at Listiak Auditorium on Friday, October 12th.  Foundry Hall is coordinating the schedule with the schools as well as lodging and food for the women while they are “in residency”.  This work feels so rewarding!  If you would like to help make it happen please let us know!

Asaran Earth Trio is a group dedicated to singing beautiful music from around the world. Based in New York City, Asaran came together out of the desire to take different traditions in new directions, combining folk elements together with the adventure of group improvisation and each member’s musical ‘history’. Together they sing, clap, play percussion and are known to cause groups of strangers to laugh, cry, sing, dance and shake some groovy shakers. Asaran features Anne Boccato from Brazil, Artemisz Polonyi from Hungary and Chiara Izzi from Italy. They love to share their music and stories all around the Earth – in living rooms, theaters, houses of worship, festivals, on the street and even in actual bars.

The workshops carried out in the schools will cover a variety of topics including: 
Voice exploration including breathing technique, vocal flexibility and harmonies.
Rhythm and groove playing various instruments and learn patterns of authentic Brazilian rhythms, as well as styles from around the world.
Storytelling/Repertoire/Performance; focusing on correct pronunciation of sounds, the presentation element of musicianship and encouraging students to make their own artistic choices.

Asaran Earth Trio website


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