Rhythm on the River Festival

Foundry Hall is embarking on a new project for next summer.  July 23rd, 2016 is the date for RHYTHM ON THE RIVER, a one day music festival showcasing local and regional musicians and their original work.  The event will also feature food and beverages from our local and regional restaurants and breweries.  

We are working to put together a  lineup of talented musicians playing in a variety of musical styles that will draw many fans in the area, as well as please those lucky visitors in town that weekend.  This will be a family friendly event, but also sophisticated for music lovers and and comfortable for those just lingering over a snack or beer.

If you would like to help make this event happen through a sponsorship or donations please contact us:

Foundry Hall
220 Broadway, Box B
South Haven, MI 49090

What is Community Music?

What is Community Music

Community Music is people participating in music together.

Community music includes folks of all skills and ages playing together.  It is participating in a Song Swap, an impromptu jam session between a high school student and an experienced band leader, or students in a group lesson talking about what they practiced between sessions. It’s lending instruments, equipment, and resources to those who will use them, and sharing knowledge, skills, and experience in private lessons and workshops.

Community music is volunteers offering to play music in classrooms for young kids, or with older folks in their homes. It’s an Open Mic performance in front of friends and fellow musicians, or an audio technician helping a talent show performer get comfortable with the microphone and audience. It’s audience members sharing their favorite moments of the performance. Community music is non-competitive and non-judgemental— it’s an opportunity to play, share, learn, create, and enjoy music without fear of failure.

Connecting with others through shared musical experiences can be profound and life-changing. It can be the intangible moment that exhilarates or challenges us. It can be an experience telling us we belong: we can all play or sing a song, or we can help someone find their own song. We enjoy another person’s performance with others, and feel that we are part of the room, a part of the experience. We can meet other folks with similar interests and play together for fun, healing, support, and growth.

These are the benefits of belonging to a musical community. Foundry Hall is creating a space for these opportunities. We invite everyone to join us!

“The world of musicians always accepts new members.” — Wynton Marsalis

Lotte Resek

Lotte Resek teaches beginning piano, guitar and ukulele.   Lotte studied piano and violin as a younger person and has studied guitar for several years as an adult.  She believes students are most encouraged when they can play familiar songs right away.  With a good knowledge of music theory she likes to mix in the way music works with each lesson giving students some musical context to go with their practice.  Lotte believes music is beneficial to everyone for its rewards and challenges.  She believes music is a life long project, unique to each individual and shaped by what we want to do and how much work we put into it.

Kid's Beginner Guitar Group Lesson

In this small group class, students will learn about their guitars, how to tune the strings, play chords and read chord charts.   This will give them basic skills introducing them to the world of guitar playing.  In this group setting, the kids will play together with the opportunity of helping and encouraging each other along the way.  We will learn some songs to play right away so that the kids are making music and having fun from the start.

Teacher: Lotte Resek

Cost: $10 per class (you need to have your own guitar!)

When: Wednesdays in March 4:30-5:30pm

Where: Foundry Hall at the Warren Center, 540 Williams Street, South Haven, MI

For more information please email foundryhall@gmail.com or call 269-220-0444