Jugendblasorchester Bipertal (JBO)

Foundry Hall and the South Haven High School Music Department coordinated a four day stay for a touring symphonic band from Bipertal, Germany.  21 hosts housed, fed, transported and entertained 51 musicians in and around South Haven from August 13th through the 16th.  The band performed a free community concert at Listiak on Wednesday and then did all kinds of fun stuff on Thursday including enjoying a performance of our Casco Community Band at the Riverfront on Thursday.  It was a fun adventure for everyone!  They are now traveling on to Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, Muskegon, Chicago, Indianapolis and Port Huron.

Thanks to all the amazing hosts in our community that helped make this happen!

Jessica and Michael Fiedorowicz
Jari Kral
Teresa and Paul Ansinn
Shawn and Jeff Olney
Kimbereley Schewe
Ginger and Todd Erickson
Larry and Beverly Brown
Listy and Scott Smith
Rosalie and Walt Plechaty
John and Debbie Mellein
Kristen Wilson
Kathy Caldwell and Gary MacMillan
Kendra Kingsbury
Barbara Reber
Mary Lou Callahan
Quiyan Chen
Laurie Willett
JoAnn and Ron Klug
Laura Digby-Beckwith
Cheryl Overholser
Lotte and Jim Resek

Thanks to those that helped create a dinner for the band between their rehearsal and performance and a special thanks to China Buffet for contributing food a few times!


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