Breakdance Class

Everyone’s welcome to come get started or work on some new moves with dance instructor David Foley!  Wednesdays at 4:30pm at Epiphany Church (410 Erie St.) Drop in class, suggested donation of $5 per participant.

Starting with a warm up and stretch, David will use that time to discuss the history of the art of breakdancing and elements. From there, we go into a circle (called a cypher) and start a simple 2-step and clap to a beat, taking turns to try moves, share ideas and encourage each other all to the beat of the music. Dance move basics, body usage and injury prevention will be a big part of the class.

Breakdancing builds core and upper body strength for balance and movement. Proper step development and positioning are important to avoid injury. Also listening to your own body is a must, making breakdancing a great exercise connecting mind and body. All of this mixed in with music appreciation, history, dance battle etiquette and there’s lots to learn while we have a lot of fun!


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