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Foundry Hall is packing up and moving from our Warren Center location.  We have been working to grow and build an education and community music program from this location for 18 months and struggling to find the partnerships and financial means to do it.  The Foundry Hall Board of Directors has decided that we are not able to continue maintaining this effort.

So, we are packing up, parting with some of our instruments, equipment and unnecessary pieces and moving to a more virtual existence for a while.

We have many partnerships with local non-profits that we can rely on for presenting our performances as well as our community programs so they will continue!  We will still offer lessons for piano, guitar and ukulele and will still do our best to connect people with teachers for other instruments as well.  We just won’t have the location to host regular lessons anymore.

Thank you to all who donated toward our efforts at the Warren Center!  Many great things happened in the 18 months that we were there and we are happy that we had the opportunity to provide so many musical experiences for people.

Please feel free to contact us via email at if you have any comments or questions.



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  1. Lotte, I was so sorry to hear this. We know you all worked super hard to make this partnership a success. I wish it could continue.

    1. We are sorry, too, but happy that we were able to do so much over the past 18 months at the Warren Center. We will continue to do some music programming there, we just won’t be in the office annex. Thanks for you and your family’s support! We are so glad we got to know you all and the legacy of your father.

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