Scott Club Concert Series

The South Haven Scott Club and Foundry Hall work in collaboration to offer a concert series celebrating the Everett concert grand piano housed in the club.

On Sunday, Oct 18th, Matthew Ball, the Boogie Woogie Kid, performed a variety of New Orleans and swing era favorites, jazz and ragtime and it was presented live via Foundry Hall’s Twitch Channel.  If you missed it, the performance is available on youtube here.

Sunday, Nov 15th Ivan Akansiima with Kazuki Tekamura and Keith Hall performed a set of jazz standards, original work and even a song featuring the west African balafon.  You can watch the performance here.

This concert series is made possible with grant funding from the Greater South Have Area Community Foundation and Entergy/Palisades Power Plant.



South Haven Jazz Festival

Due to the Covid-19 health crisis, the 2020 South Haven Jazz Festival was carried out virtually.  Two evenings of music were lined up with some of our favorite jazz musicians of the region and everyone got to enjoy it from the comfort of their homes! Click here for the lineup and more info about the festival.


Steel Drums at South Walnut Elementary in Bangor

Foundry Hall coordinated a second week of Steel Pan (Drum) workshops with Jean Raabe.  This time we brought the program to Bangor’s South Walnut Elementary School and worked with kids from kindergarten to fourth grade.  A target group of 2nd-4th graders spent three extra days learning 2 songs per grade to perform for the whole school on Monday, November 4th.  Continue reading “Steel Drums at South Walnut Elementary in Bangor”


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