The “What About Jazz” workshop with The Randy Napoleon Trio

FRI 11/1 5:30-6:30pm
@ South Haven Center for the Arts
Free!  Donations appreciated!

We’ve added a one hour workshop before the concert on Friday for jazz players of any level, jazz appreciators, jazz curious folks and everyone else. We’re really hoping some young musicians there so if you know any, send them our way!
What to expect: you’ll get to know the band for sure, how they formed, what they like about playing jazz, etc. You will probably hear some jazz music broken down for better understanding and learn how small ensembles work together. You may hear some playing and have the opportunity to play a little depending on who shows up for the workshop. You won’t be required to do anything but listen if you don’t want to.

If you attend the workshop you can stay for the concert and pay the advance price of $10 without getting an advance ticket. The workshop cost is…(drumroll)…Free! We are accepting donations and really could use them, but we want this to be accessible to everyone that is interested!

This was inspired by the great people at the Jazz and Creative Institute in Kalamazoo who are always teaching, always encouraging, always creating opportunities for jazz musicians at every level and every age.


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