Steel Drums at South Walnut Elementary in Bangor

Foundry Hall coordinated a second week of Steel Pan (Drum) workshops with Jean Raabe.  This time we brought the program to Bangor’s South Walnut Elementary School and worked with kids from kindergarten to fourth grade.  A target group of 2nd-4th graders spent three extra days learning 2 songs per grade to perform for the whole school on Monday, November 4th.  Jean Raabe is a wonderful asset to our area.  She is a music therapist who spends half of her year in Trinidad teaching music therapy students there and playing steel pan (drums) in the Phase II Pan Groove band (a highly skilled band of over 120 musicians).  She is then back in our area for summer and fall and leads these workshops and some camps for students in Bloomingdale, Pullman and Grand Rapids.  She was able to come work in South Haven and Bangor this fall by working with Foundry Hall.  We are so glad we collaborated with her this year and hopefully we will be able to make it happen again next year.

Follow this link for more information about our Creating Community Fund which made these programs possible.



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